Who Is This Ride/Rally For?

Everyone and Anyone who rides or has every ridden a bike in any form ( Roadies, MT Bikers,commuters, messengers, fixies, weekend riders, racers, adventure cyclists, tall bikes, zoobombers, tandems, bents, cyclocrossers, trikes, kids bikes etc.) or who supports the National Bike Bill and the ideals and actions of onemillionbicycles.org. We want to get a broad base involved. Family, businesses, schools, governments, civic groups, youth, retirees.

Revolution? Are We Overthrowing Something by Force?

Think personal, community and social revolution through example and large scale, positive action.  We want to change the landscape, both politically and physically - so that it's safer for  everyone to use bicycles. We are doing that by showing our numbers, making specific measurable requests and  by actually putting additional bikes under non riders and riders who haven't pedaled in  awhile.

Is This Anti-Car?

onemillionbicycles.org is probicycle. We would like everyone to drive cars less, yes, but we are not a militant group, We're you. That
person who knows we can make a cleaner, healthier society by driving less and shifting our transportation choices to bikes  some of the time. That person who knows it will help reduce the overall carbon imprint America places on the world for many reasons - foremost
because our energy consumption and transportation choices is effecting our quality of life, threatening our national security,
hurting our health our environment. Increasing funding for the national cycling infrastructure will save lives and improve
conditions for vulnerable users of the road.

How Can I Help?

Register for the ride, recruit others, spread the word through forums, clubs, blogs, get your local bike alliance involved, find bike
(s) for the giveaway, become a rally coordinator in your city, rally team volunteer, become a giveaway project coordinator, a givaway
phone volunteer, direct  bike donation team volunteer. Contact  Joe Kurmaskie mtcowboy@teleport.com www.metalcowboy.com

How Can I get a Bike?

Anyone who does not already have a bike is eligible by completing a giveaway application and committing to the giveaway requirements: which includes pledging to ride  the bike X amount  per week (to be determined) to work, school, errands, and documenting  this by sharing their experiences via a onemillionbicycles blog, newsletter, press releases, letters, photos, stories, etc.

Who Is Organizing This?

Onemillionbikes.org  is a direct response to Senator Earl B's Bike Gallery event calling for the public to foster a national bicycle
movement. The project is the brainchild of Joe Metal Cowboy Kurmaskie, best-selling author, nationally syndicated columnist,
journalist for Bicycling Magazine, Men's Journal, Outside, Parenting, headlining performer, cycling safety  advocate and activist. the
roots of this idea came out of The November 2007 rally held in Portland Oregon after a rash of cycling deaths. That rally helped
change the way the police investigate car/cycling accidents and helped shape the tone and conversations in the cycling vs driving

Because Kurmaskie has managed nonprofits ( national renowned arts council, science education programs, and summer camps) he has the administrative background . His live performances in school, libraries, headlining expos and performing for 600 plus bicycling
related organizations in the past 7 years, gives him the connection and platform to unify these groups and pull off a large scale project
like onemillionbicycles.org

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